A Vacation From My Vacation

Call it two parts vacation and one part unintended hiatus. My mom went in for surgery, nothing serious, on May 9th. I took some time off to take her to the hospital, stay with my 91-year-old dad, do some more physical household tasks around their house, some grocery shopping, and attended the college’s annual PD day. What I wrote made up a sliver hence the title.

I did do some fun things like attend the latest Alien movie and not worry about getting up early to catch a bus. Reading and writing, mostly in my journal, also happened but I felt not tired, just wanting to limit screen exposure. (I thought about blogging with my phone but have you seen these thumbs?)

From time to time, I put things on pause, and this blog had that moment. The moment I felt anxious to open up my laptop and write and write, is the moment the break has passed. My next vaction will be longer and will hopefully feel more like a vacation.

Now to take that list of songs saved for Music Mondays and actually write those posts.


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