Music Monday: Cut To The Feeling by Carly Rae Jepsen

Every so often a song comes along and makes you feel what this Tweeter summed up perfectly in 140 words:

Since listening to the song last Friday, I have not taken it off repeat. Will I get sick of it? No. I make myself take breaks to come back refreshed and ready to tackle my day. Cleaning my kitchen? No problem. Getting to the bus? It’s a musical number baby.

I think we needed this track. It’s a short break from the awfulness invading life at the moment. Thankfully Twitter, sometimes a terrible place, provides a nugget of respite. It’s how I discovered this song while I scrolled through its ‘moments’ features. I can’t rely on cute cat and dog pictures/videos all the time and a brief taste of the song was enough to open Spotify, save it, and repeat it. The song feels like a boost, a balm, a moment of grace, the track during a movie climax after the plucky hero bests the obstacles and triumphs.

Speaking of movies, this track appears on the upcoming movie Leapdue for release this July in the US. (It originally opened early this year as Ballerina in Canada.) Yeah, this is a pop song and Leap looks like a typical summer movie. During this time, as we pick jaws off the floor over the 24/7 news cycle, we need a pick-me-up track.


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