Vacation Countdown 2: The Staycay From The Vaycay

Technically, my vacation begins this Monday. The countdown ran out at 4 pm today, a day already feeling too long to my anxious mind. At the moment, 6:50 pm according to the clock on my computer, a cool breeze balances out the humidity on my balcony. My day began with a bang as Winnipeg had an early morning thunderstorm. Lightning struck a tree, causing shards to embed in a house near where I live. The blue sky, the cool breeze, sitting outside with a glass of white, makes this moment an entirely different day.

In my ears, I hear the songs used in the Netflix show Sense8. I rewatched the show this week rather than deal with my writer’s trickle. Some people feel completely blocked; I kept writing my Music Monday posts. Something gets through these fingers. Otherwise, I keep dancing around my writing like an unwelcome partner. It’s funny as soon as I write everything feels fine. I think it was a hangover from that hiccup two weeks ago. Remember? The one about being a grown up and giving up this writing foolishness? At this point, I can’t give up. At some point, one must say ‘well, forget this’ and get on with it. Other than working in libraries and writing, I can’t see myself doing anything else.

What’s on tap for this round? Doctor’s appointments both mine and my mom. I have a public reading of work in progress on Monday at a library then a wind up with my fellow writing mates. It dawns on me this group does not know about the blog. Off The Wall, the writing group I mention from time to time, already know. This one doesn’t know, except my facilitator and she’s supportive. I always feel like a mook, greedy for attention, if I say ‘I have this blog you might like to check out.’ On the other hand, it’s my sandbox, and it has improved my expression.

First thing on my list of stuff to do tomorrow-sleep. No more alarms going off for three weeks unless I have an appointment. For this first week, the first order of business will involve sleep and get a handle on doing what I want.



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