In the Woods Launch Recap

Normally I recap other people’s book launches.  I remember Chadwick Ginther‘s two book launches for Thunder Road and Tombstone Blues, marveling at how collected he looked at the event. I felt like a jangle of nerves, despite assurances from my group it’s friends and family.  Among the group are two people (Susan and Chris) experienced in book launches, while two more (Cas and Evelyn) already self-published their own books. I have no idea about Russell, but he must be published in academic journals.   I felt like a rookie, and reminded myself even the most established writers never get used to these events.

After writing, photographing, formatting, and printing In The Woods launched today in the atrium at McNally Robinson.  We had large windows showing the monsoon forming outside while we teased short stories of encounters with Sasquatch.  We had two write ups leading up to the event:


  • Bob Armstrong’s short write-up in The Winnipeg Free Press on June 28th 
  • Another article from a newly discovered website called Winnipeg is Nerdy.
    Side Note:  It’s a cool site for local nerdy happenings in Winnipeg, which I bookmarked quickly for future events.

People can buy In the Woods from McNally Robinson Booksellers in either store, or online.  The book retails for $18.95 CDN, and I will set up a page in the next few days devoted to the book, plus links to blogs/Twitter for members of the Off the Wall writer’s group.

Stay tuned…


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