The Not-So-Terrible, Definately-Not-Horrible, Just Inconvenient Day With Technology

I have to admit the signs popped up as stupid ads offering me surveys and ways to fix my slow PC.  I have no idea how it happened, but it did.  Even the guy from Geek Squad says it happens as he had problems with his own computer.  To make a long story short, I had some malware causing all my browsers to disappear once I uninstalled them from my computer.  The only way to fix the problem involved refreshing the PC without effecting my files.  It’s one step short of re-installing windows, and many steps removed from my to-do list.

It seems technology wanted to take a bit of a day off that day.

Everything needing recharging at once.  My Blu-Ray rental from Red Box has to go back.  I felt in the mood for Thor:  The Dark World, and went back for the DVD edition.  I decided to watch my movie after dealing with a few screw ups.  Even Tumblr, the website of choice for people in need of a pick me up, seemed to act strangely.  Last night marked Richard Armitage’s return to the stage in The Crucible.  If I can’t be there, I want to know how it went.  Unfortunately, Tumblr’s clock-work updating went frozenI went to Twitter to find the tidbits, and discovered Tumblr crashed.  Well done, I thought as the positive reviews poured in.  It’s one thing to hear from the fans, it’s quite another to hear from theatre attendees.

The whole incident also delayed my post for the 1967 movie blogathon.  Right now I re-installed iTunes and need to get my purchases back.  I bought the Hamlet audio narrated by you-know-who, but didn’t get the chance to put it on my iPod.  In the overall scheme of things, it’s a first world problem.


2 thoughts on “The Not-So-Terrible, Definately-Not-Horrible, Just Inconvenient Day With Technology

  1. It was the weirdest thing. Some people were saying Richard Armitage broke tumblr, but I don’t think that was what happened. However, other mentioned the BBC message board collapse back in 2004 as a comparison. It’s a sweet fantasy anyway 🙂


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