Getting the Angle Right

Blogging U takes a new turn as I go from the basics to diving deeper on form and content. No homework yet, but the first entry discusses looking at a topic from another angle. Then it dawned on my writing had blinders on.

On the surface, something looks impossible. In the Woods taught me to take something, like a Sasquatch short story, and turn it slightly to find my way in. It’s half the fun of our anthology as we took a theme, and added our own angle. Have we solved the mystery of Sasquatch? No. Have we tried our own angle. Yes.

It lead me to another angle to blogging. Right now I am on a moving bus. My thumbs feel better practiced on the cell phone keyboard. It lead me to try another angle and make up for a Blogging 101 assignment I couldn’t do during the malfunctioning laptop incident.

Blog by transit. Put the blinders down to see the city I live in.



Unfortunately, my little experiment didn’t allow me to upload the post.  At least it’s a start.


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