New Book Kudos!

In the Wood received some kudos from KC Oliver. KC came back to Off the Wall, and it’s like she never left. Looking forward to swapping works in progress with her. 🙂

KC Oliver - Writely so...

After a stretch of anti-social-media-ness, I recently reconnected with some of my favorite peeps from the writer’s group, Off the Wall. I’m so excited and want to wish my friends congrats! on their recent publishing venture! They published an anthology called, In the Woods, and it contains stories, case reports, poetry, photo essays, and more on the elusive Sasquatch.

If you are looking for a fun book, look no further; these writers rawk!! =)

In the Woods

(Appearing in the photo left to right, Chris Rutkowski, Evelyn Woodward, Susan Rocan, Fatima DeMelo. Missing; Cas Courcelles and Russell Corbett. And in Susan’s arms is the team mascot)

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