Saturday Night is Alright for Writing

When life thwarts your plans to head down to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, simply rest and use the rest of Saturday to do other stuff. While my place has pockets of chaos, I am now one less coffee table thanks to my brother heading down to bundle the thing up to take my parent’s place.  Yesterday, I found myself on my balcony with a cup of tea as I tapped away on a long overdue post for a film made in 1967.  Look for that post this Thursday.

The video I posted from Ira Glass lit another fire to commit bum to seat and write.  Fighting the inner censor I nicknamed ‘Debbie Downer’, I went to my laptop with one simple goal:  Just Do It.  In between doing it, I went to two Twitter feeds to find out about Avengers: Age of Ultron.  I wanted to know will I see this movie six or nine time depending on how well Joss Whedone directs his sequel.  From what I heard about the the footage shown at Comic Con, something tells me the latter.  The sequence did not start with a whiz-bang battle.  This is Joss Whedon and his sequences begin with banter, and in this case who can lift Thor’s hammer.  I know they’re fictional characters, but one cannot help shake a head at the quixotic goal to lift Molnir.  One Avenger proved himself just worthy enough to nudge it just a little.  Guess who.


Meanwhile back on a non-Marvel Cinematic Universe,  Winnipeg went from sunny and humid to cloudy and damp.  I put a sweater on and spend most of my time in this little piece of sanity:


It’s two chairs and a table, but after a work day it turns into a refuge as I always intended. I sit outside to read, to write in my journal, and now to tap away at my laptop.  The rest of the place can wait for a bit since I get a little tired of seeing clutter.

It turns out the second week back from work proves harder than the first.  I went out nearly every night not allowing myself enough time to readjust my sleep schedule.  I had a good reason-V was in town.  She rode in her shiny, blue Toyota for a brief visit with her family.  We ate take out from the Olive Garden as we talked and shared possible smart phone notification sounds.

Between getting readjusted back to work, I did one more thing that looks minor to clear the clutter out of my life.  I closed down my profile. After either getting no response from guys I found interesting, getting winks and emails from not only guys I don’t find interesting, but can’t articulate even at a twelfth grade level, I just said enough.  I congratulated someone on Facebook on her recent engagement. Once it would arouse envy, now I wish her joy and pick up with my life.

Saturday night usually brought shame as other women went on dates while I stayed home.  At some point a person has to say ‘enough is enough’, not pick a guy for the sake of not looking out-of-place.  I would rather be picky than miserable with someone I didn’t love.  After spending a summer rehabbing from an injury, I finally stopped long enough to try to answer the age-old question:

What do I want to do?

Still trying to find that answer, but Saturday night is alright for writing everything will be alright. (Apologies to Sir Elton.)

One thought on “Saturday Night is Alright for Writing

  1. I’m silly enough to believe, still, that one meets the right guy by doing something (that’s how it has worked in the past anyway). And then, at least if the right guy doesn’t pop up one has still done something one enjoys? In any case, courage. Single life can be wonderful!


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