A Coincidental Purchase

Between Twitter and Tumblr stalking, this story seems appropriate.  It begins with getting a bus pass from the college bookstore.  While they do sell textbooks and supplies, on occasion they have some well-priced books for the heck of it.  One of them caught my eye:



Interesting, I thought.  I picked up the book, priced at $2.99, and flipped it over to see the cover:


Sold to the Armitage fan for $2.99! I leave it to readers to draw their own conclusions.  I do remember the new Richard Armitage film originally started out as Black Sky.  I liked that title, and wondered why would they change the it?  Did Warner Brothers feel Black Sky felt more like an alien invasion flick?  When I think of severe weather, I think of black skies.  Last weekend, I followed two twitter feeds while the sky looked pretty dramatic over Winnipeg.

This weekend meant a lot of time spent here:


Cafe Fatima: A Sanctuary for the Think-y and the Geeky

It’s the Civic Holiday long weekend.  I call it the next-to-last-one of the summer.  I ate lunch out here, had a cup of tea read a book..and stalked Twitter with a side of Tumblr.  Some Library Techs knit, and they are very good at it.  I follow movie events in real time if possible. May be I need a new hobby.   😉


3 thoughts on “A Coincidental Purchase

  1. Someone posted a comment from Reed Timmer on twitter and I had no idea who he was (or why I should care what he thought.) Thanks, now I know!
    Reed Timmer @reedtimmerTVN · 46m
    He said: WOW I have to admit the special effects of #IntoTheStorm blew me away.. MUST SEE!


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