Define Irony

Just got out of Into the Storm.  From intense fiction to not-so-intense reality.

Richard Armitage Tornado Movie Here I Come

It's 4:54 pm as I use my thumbs to bang out a post before the 5:05 showing of Into the Storm. I felt like Fred Flintstone as I left the college to catch an express bus to Polo Park. It's the only way to close the tight time gap for a movie I wanted to … Continue reading Richard Armitage Tornado Movie Here I Come

A Coincidental Purchase

Between Twitter and Tumblr stalking, this story seems appropriate.  It begins with getting a bus pass from the college bookstore.  While they do sell textbooks and supplies, on occasion they have some well-priced books for the heck of it.  One of them caught my eye:   Interesting, I thought.  I picked up the book, priced at … Continue reading A Coincidental Purchase