Richard Armitage Tornado Movie Here I Come

It’s 4:54 pm as I use my thumbs to bang out a post before the 5:05 showing of Into the Storm. I felt like Fred Flintstone as I left the college to catch an express bus to Polo Park. It’s the only way to close the tight time gap for a movie I wanted to see.

Right now, the theatre has 6 people counting myself. I hazard a guess the people behind me wonder why the crazy woman, with a row to herself,  has to furiously text on her phone? Well, movies provide a way to escape life for moment.  I had a good week at work. Winnipeg, on the other hand, did not have a good week. I tried to write about it. I can’t do it without rage or tears.

So I took my gift card for the gift of time and escape. Last year,  I had idiots from a car yell insults at me as I went to see the Bourne Legacy.  I sat in the theatre with a quiet plea Jeremy, darling, beat some people up for me. For today the plea goes like this Richard,  sweetheart, show what heroism looks like without a wig and dwarf make up.

And now to turn off my phone. The pre-show tells me so.

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