Midweek Geekiness: Hobbits, and Heroes, and At-Home-Sick Oh My!

The sage advice series I put together last week to experiment with the sticky-post widget on WordPress. Good thing too as I am at home sick with pneumonia since October 20th. After a week of antibiotics, I have two puffers to open up my airways. Trust me, people take breathing for granted until they have trouble doing it. Two weeks ago I answered the phone at work, winded by a short distance from one side of the desk to another. The co-worker remarked about the state while I just thought need to go to the gym more…so out of shape.

I sit at home reading or sleeping. I did re-watch Series 1 of Sherlock. I also surfed Tumblr as the secretly 15 year-old woman I truly am. Oh my what things have emerged to dust off a Midweek Geekiness Post.

Marvel Causes Mayhem

It started with a ‘leak’. Marvel intended to release the trailer for Age of Ultron during yesterday’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. However, the trailer leaked and Marvel decided to release the trailer rather than take the clip down. They even have a cute tweet about it:

I have to tip my hat to Marvel’s public relations department. The planning that must have gone into leaking the teaser just right, then putting out a high-definition version on Marvel’s YouTube video, and saving the party scene only heard at Comic Con for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. takes an ingenuity making Tony Stark proud. They stoked the anticipation, a fire already banked thanks to the audio clips from San Diego, the ones Marvel really did take down. (Trust me I tried to make a post around it, and the clip would be gone by the next day.)

The teaser already has millions of hits, the party scene exclusive clip already amassed over a million views on the official YouTube sight. Add the announcement about the slate of phase three films through to 2018, Hawkeye FINALLY having lines, and another clip floating around the internet about the ‘Civil War’ storyline between Captain America and Iron Man we now have full-swoon mode.

Avengers: Age of Ultron Exclusive Clip

The seeds of the Civil War storyline, now part of the third Captain America film, can be found here. Hopefully, Marvel can leave it alone as it makes me want to see the film even more. The clip also excited fans on two levels:

  1. Captain American (Chris Evans) breaking the log in two
  2. Hawkeye has a farm (eieiohhhhhhh)

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