Midweek Geekiness: Hobbits, and Heroes, and At-Home-Sick Oh My!

The Hobbit Announces Their Final World Premiere Screening

Did I mention swooning?

For the past two years, I attended the movies right as they opened. The Lord of the Rings Films I attended usually a week later. I loved the spectacle, the costumes, and most importantly the themes of friendship and love no special effect can conjure.

For the last film, I plan to attend a VIP theatre to have a glass of wine and have tissues handy. During Return of the King, I cried happy tears, and sad, quiet sobs. If you want a scene that will get me every time, it’s this one:

I expect the last Hobbit film to have both kind of moments. I also know they will stick to the books, and it will hurt no matter how many times people read those scenes. It’s interesting both The Hobbit and Age of Ultron will go to some pretty dark places. While we go to movies to escape, sometimes we need dark moments to emphasize sacrifice and conflict to get to those points of levity and happiness. It’s both sides of life, and it reflects in whatever art we choose to view.

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