Music Monday: I Love You Too Much By Diego Luna

I just watched Book of Life. It’s an animated feature, produced by Guillermo Del Torro (Pacific Rim. Yes you read that right.) The movie is a love letter to Mexico, and its Day of the Dead. While I hesitate to recommend the movie for parents of very young children, if a taste of animated movies runs beyond Disney, then find it in your local Red Box on your next movie night. Animation normally catches the eye with its aesthetics, but this one actually caught my ear. The soundtrack blends some pop songs, some original songs, and some opera spiced up with Mexican rhythms. If you think Zoe Saldana kicks ass as Gomora in Guardians of the Galaxy, hear her sing as the character Maria on the soundtrack. She’s actually quite good. The film, while also boasting Channing Tatum in a non-singing part, belongs to Diego Luna. If you don’t know the name, I guarantee the face will ring a few bells as he had quite a few film parts including Milk and Elysium. The guy needs to do a few more musicals. Take a listen:

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