Music Monday: Living in the Golden Age by Gowan

The Huffington Post Canada site ran a story entitled The Strange Stories Behind ‘Strange Animal,’ Gowan’s 30-Year-Old Classic AlbumGowan, short for Laurence Gowan, was a big artist back in the 80’s with hits mostly in Canada. Strange Animal made Gowan a name with its hit single Criminal Mind, along with its creative video:

I bet some readers couldn’t’ get past the age of the album. Thirty years ago I was 15, ready for grade 10, and watching shows like Video Hits and Good Rockin’ Tonite on CBC. I loved Gowan’s videos, and saw him twice in concert putting on an energetic show in small venues. While his top ten hits have people humming along, I liked this track from Great Dirty World, which followed up Strange Animal. Moonlight Desires proved the breakout hit, but the song below hinted at what’s going on under this ‘golden age’ in the Mulroney 80’s. Most memorable lyrics? Many ragged souls are bleeding\Some have just begun to fight\Can’t change an angry world overnight.

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