Music Monday: The Wedding by Bear McCreary (From Outlander)

If you watched Battlestar Galactica, The Walking Dead, Da Vinci’s Demons, or Outlander, you heard the music of Bear McCreary enhancing some of your memorable scenes. Last week #Droughtlander, the name given to the ridiculous hiatus initiated by Starz, got a little relief in the form of the soundtrack release. Between getting the email from Rdio bout the release, and free love poems read by Richard Armitage, Valentine’s Day sucked a little less.

As for favourite track, I would have to do with ‘The Wedding’. It took me back to my friend C‘s rec room, her kids safely tucked in bed, three women, and one understanding husband, watch THE episode of Outlander’s first half. Galbaldon devoted a whole chapter to the moment Jamie and Clare’s marriage gets consummated, also known as ‘guy gets deflowered for once’. The episode itself cleverly takes non-linear approach to the event as the ceremony unfolds in the past tense, while women in rec room around the world had popcorn and short bread to cheer on the couple. (That was us, but I saw the Twitter feeds with people reporting on their snacks. Does whiskey count as a snack?)

Take that Mr. Grey. Sexy without the paraphenlia.

I wanted to embed the actual wedding ceremony scene to provide context to the music. It’s quite beautiful, and the music swells the emotions for the viewers, especially those familiar with the books. I found plenty of videos about the wedding night (holy dinah did I ever), but not one with just the ceremony itself. Find someone with a copy of the episode to watch the scene…and maybe stick around for the wedding night.

One thought on “Music Monday: The Wedding by Bear McCreary (From Outlander)

  1. I have been listening to that score all weekend too. Such beautiful music! The Dance of the Druids is probably my favourite song, but the whole soundtrack just flows lovely.

    I also chose to rewatch the first eight episodes as a Valentine’s Day tribute, especially #7.

    Hopefully Starz has learned it’s lesson and we will not have quite the #Droughtlander we have this season next time around.


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