#weekendcoffeeshare: Drinking in Semi-Darkness to Gear Up for Things Ahead

It’s Daylight Savings this weekend, bad news as my brain already feels like it’s made of teflon, things sliding off as soon as I try to remember them. Now we add a time shift to really screw things up. The blinds to my living room and bed room remain closed as I write this post with the light of the galley kitchen to my right. At least I can see my coffee to drink it.

I stayed home sick on Tuesday this week, and my mind still felt fuzzy on Friday. I wanted to go home, get into my jammies, and curl up with on the couch. I needed something mindless, but not completely stupid, on Netflix. It’s a tough balance to pull off, and everyone has their type of mindless-but-not-stupid entertainment. In the end I watched Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters starring Gemma Arterton and Jeremy Renner as the title characters. Violent? Yes. Questionable portrayal of women as witches? Yup. Plain simple fun with a Jeremy Renner shirtless scene. Absolutely! I nearly finished the thing until my eyes felt heavy to go with my head. I crashed at 9 pm on a Friday night.

A Friday night!

I am getting older.

However, I need to my head to do a bunch of practical things around the house, and writerly things at my computer.This morning, despite the drawn blinds, the head feels better. When I told my mom, she recommended checking my blood pressure. I admit to internally scoffing at the idea, but on the other hand best to check anyway.

This week midterms happened at the college. In the library, I can not hear a single sound. I can hear gears turning as students studied either alone, or in groups in our break out rooms. Those are rooms for small to large groups, some have computers, and groups take precedent over individuals using the space. I have diplomatically asked solo students to relocate so a larger group can use it. We have lots of space around the library, but it gets full during those times. I can also sense the nervousness of students, especially those in their last year of their programs. They can see the end after this midterm. I simply try to keep the peace.

Although if you want to see this library tech squeal like a fangirl, simply ask a question and I learn something new, Things like Financial Ratio Benchmarks. It’s for Business Administration students, and this one needed the benchmarks in the Fruit and Vegetable industry. The benchmark comes from the Risk Management Association, an organization doing the following:

RMA promotes an enterprise approach to risk management that focuses on credit risk, market risk, operational risk, securities lending, and regulatory issues – See more at: http://www.rmahq.org/about-rma#sthash.gWSNMgAq.dpuf

How do I feel when I find something a student needs, and I didn’t know too much about it starting off?

I proudly hoist my nerd colours as I forge to the week ahead.

What Is Ahead?

I did say writerly things. In addition to the Music Monday segment, I have another meeting with my writer’s group next Saturday. We are creating stories with a dystopian/apocalyptic element set in Winnipeg. Some of us also do poetry. We aim for a April 1st deadline to publish our next collection. If anyone can forgive a plug at this time, check out the page on my blog devoted to In the Woods, our last collection of writings centered on Bigfoot.

I just realized my group would sent Mr. Ryan Boudinot around a bend. Who is he? I learned about this guy from Chuck Wendig’s blog. (Read his post here.) The original article written by Mr. Boudinot already has this provocative title:

Things I Can Say About MFA Writing Programs Now That I No Longer Teach in One

For those needing a short summary, here’s what he claims:

  • Writers are born with talent.
  • If you didn’t decide to take writing seriously by the time you were a teenager, you’re probably not going to make it.
  • If you complain about not having time to write, please do us both a favor and drop out.
  • If you aren’t a serious reader, don’t expect anyone to read what you write.
  • No one cares about your problems if you’re a shitty writer.
  • You don’t need my help to get published.
  • It’s not important that people think you’re smart.
  • It’s important to woodshed.

Those are just the headers. In a further nutshell, one must already taken writing serious in their teens, read works like Gravity’s Rainbow or things similar to it, and don’t complain about raising kids and making the mortgage as time thieves in your writing. Deviant from those things and YOU’RE DOOMED. DOOMED I SAY! Many writers I know, including myself, did write a lot as teenagers. We still remained creative. We just had to grow up a little to evolve as writer’s.

I enjoy Mr. Wendig’s response to this matter, Mine is quite simple:

  1. Read whatever you want.
  2. Write
  3. Write when you can
  4. The will to write will keep the writing going

Oh, and number 5: Have a fabulous weekend. I have to finish my coffee and get on with my day.

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