Music Monday: When We Come Alive by Switchfoot

When winter comes to a city like Winnipeg, people just accept it. Well, not all people as Winnipeg drivers seem to forget how to drive in the first snowfall. Hint: Not too fast and not too slow. This year we experienced a milder winter, December we wore lighter layers, marvelling at our good fortune. After we rang in 2015, it’s like Mother Nature said, “Ha! Ha! SUCKERS!”. Winnipeg got its deep freeze in January. Not surprising.

By the time February began to finish, many of us sang a similar chorus:

I don’t want wear:





long underwear

I can add to the list, but the point has strutted across this stage. I, and many of my fellow Winnipeggers, get tired of layering and muted colours. It feels like a revelation every time, like yesterday, if as simple sweater gets worn than multiple layers. I felt my soul breathe although it’s the repeat of the same old cycle. I just want to wear my colourful clothes. I tire of burgundy, grey, and I want to wear floral. I want to don my capris in many colours. I want more light. I want to put the comfort food down, and move.

In short, I want to fee a little more alive. Yesterday, felt more alive, Is it officially spring? I will take it day by day while this song seems to play in my head:

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