Music Monday: Paint The Town Green by The Script

Saint Patrick’s Day happens tomorrow with people wearing green, drinking Guinness, and making claims about some type of Irish ancestry. For Catholics, it’s the Feast Day of St. Patrick, the man credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland, and driving out pesky snakes.

As someone of a Catholic background, I never heard of the guy until I got to school. (The Portuguese have their own cavalcade of saints, thank you very much.) I wore green if I have it, and get strange dreams about Colin Farrell. (That’s as close as kissing an Irishman as I will get. Don’t ask me about the dreams, thank you very much.)

While I still listen to U2, this pre-St. Patrick Day’s Music Monday belongs to The Script. The Irish pop-rock band released their latest album called No Sound Without Silence. While having a pre-work coffee at Starbucks, I heard this song piping on their sound system:

A quick Google, a quick search on my Rdio app, and-VIOLA!-song added. Later it turned into the entire album. I add very few albums to my favourites, but The Script put out an album I enjoy humming along on an early morning walk to work. Speaking of humming, tapping, or flat-out Irish dancing, may this be your anthem for this St. Paddy’s Day:

Go ahead-paint the town green wherever you are.

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