Midweek Geekiness: Stats Magically Exploding, or When Richard Armitage is Your Patronus’

I like to write. I belong to a writer’s group, and we published an anthology, I blog here, and now I blog a little more for Red River College’s Library. I also tweet. Most of the time things go into out into the world, a few people replying in kind. The comments are great. I also go out to comment, retweet, or reblog in other places. Long story short, I write responsibly and on occasion with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Last week I wrote about my downloading problems from Digital Theatre for two reasons:

  1. Assure someone they are not the only one, and perhaps get some help from some with a been-there-done-that-and-fixed-it metaphorical t-shirt.
  2. Semi-rant my frustration. I had to deal with the petulant teenager within me wanting to see the play NOW! NOW! NOW!


I can safely say after the melodrama of downloading the thing, including a reply implying something was wrong with my card after I paid and downloaded The Crucible, the drama unfolded with a little help from external speakers. (I agree with people about the sound. It’s not that great, but it could be any number of factors. I did play a game of spot-the-wire on Mr. Armitage’s beautiful back. *Nervously Coughs*)

My reflection on the play is forthcoming. I have a lot of balls in the air right now, including trying to meet an upcoming deadline for the next ‘Off the Wall’ anthology. In addition it’s tax time around these parts, my eyes need new corrective lenses, and my head either hurts needing those lenses or I spent way too much time staring at screens.

I never thought about how much time my eyes see a screen during the course of a day. I watch TV, read blogs, read ebooks, and surf Tumblr to admire the many talented graphic designers and artists. Oh, and..

Image Credit: preoccupiedwitharmitage.wordpress.com

Truth time. I looked. I hath committed the crime of lechery. I hath gazed with my lecherous mind. My jaw doth dropped to the floor in a fit of admiration of the physical form during one of many long, cold Winnipeg winter nights. I also remember him once saying if he doesn’t go to the gym, he gets depressed. I say keep taking your medication. (Mental Note: Head to the gym myself for mental health.)

Time to head back into that forest.

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