Music Monday: Shut Up And Dance by Walk the Moon

It’s spring! No, really it’s spring! It’s not spring in Winnipeg unless more people dust off their shorts, skirts, and dresses, even if the high is 17, or 62 degrees for those outside of Canada. On Saturday I attended an event with a new dress from Old Navy, navy with white polka dots, and topping the look with comfortable, strappy sandals. The air still felt cool, but the kind making sweaters an option. Once the heat hits, we will switch modes for that one cool day to make things better. Blame our position on the latitude as we just want things to hit the middle not the extremes.

Another sure sign of spring in Winnipeg-businesses have their patios out. Restaurants and Cafes have quickly washed down their furniture, swept the last debris out of the area, ready for the customers flocking for a cool drink. All of it makes me want to dance the giddy jig. Winnipeggers also deal with the extra padding to protect against winter. I spoke with someone now living in British Columbia, a milder province, after living for years in Winnipeg. She noticed not feeling as hungry over the winter. I sometimes want to eat anything with a carb, then eat carbs with chocolate, while protein takes a back seat.

Walking helps melt the hibernation pounds. The other method is dancing, and here’s the perfect track in two forms. One comes from Rdio, while the other comes from Youtube. The dance montage video actually came to my attention from Mark Ruffalo out of all people from his Tumblr page. Yes, The Hulk can dance, and people remembering his memorable role in 13 Going on 30 smile at this knowledge.I don’t know much about Walk the Moon, but this track plays on repeat during hard-to-wake-up mornings.

Don’t you dare look back on winter, shut up and dance.

Can you recognize these movie dance sequences?

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