Music Monday: Kuana Torres Kahele, Napua Greig, James Ford Murphy From the Pixar Short ‘Lava’

Occasionally, I will watch an animated film alone in a theatre. The last time I went to see one with some friends, Frozen won over the other films showing in the theatre. (Divergence, our first choice, sold out once we arrived.)  I connected with its music, getting a sense ‘Let It Go’ has this combination of music, lyrics, and lack of interference to connect with audiences. It’s also a tune stuck in your head, doing the very opposite of what it preaches.

Fast forward to this past Friday with a very simple plan of catching the nearest bus to the movie theatre, buy a ticket, and have a rare popcorn to watch Inside Out. I nearly purchased a stuffed anger from the film, but decided to take Olaf and his warm hugs instead. I liked the idea of emotions personified, each with a purpose at the controls. For those telling me they will see it on demand, or Blu-Ray, it’s well worth watching. However, the short film opening the feature had a song with the same level of lyrics, music, and lack of interference, to give the Oscar for Best Original Song category its first front-runner in 2016.

Last year’s Feast  told a boy man-and-his-dog story with music and animation. This time the music serves as narration, a love letter to the Hawaiian Island serving as Pixar’s inspiration the way the Highlands did in Brave. (The location shots show the level of craftsmanship in the animation.) No need to tell you about the story, listen to the song. The sounds heard in the background come from the film itself.

An interview with animator James Ford Murphy about making the short, with the song closing out the interview:

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