I’m a What? Plus Other Adventures on the Blogging 201 Second-Go-Round

board-752051_1280Like a mechanic under the hood of a car, I tinker with my blog. I signed up for Blogging 201(again) for some fine tuning. This time I feel more sure about the direction of this blog. I checked my fonts for responsive design (thank heavens for that web design class), and even thought about my brand.

That’s right my brand.

More like do I have one? What is it? Does it involve a sex tape? A reality show? What does Stacks and Ranges and her writer stand for? When I think of brands I think of Kellogg’s or Android or some other thing I use/eat/wear. When I saw the task asking me to ‘audit my brand’ my mind wondered am i crunchy? It made me remember an earlier post talking about Erma Bombeck and how much I wouldn’t mind following in her sharp-witted footsteps, except I am single and childless. I don’t have a partner to write funny stories about. (Richard Armitage or Nathan Fillion does not count!) Suddenly it hit me:

Stop comparing and just be me.

I did audit my brand for other things as well. I don’t have a design eye, but I relied on my gut to look at the layout and think this is good. My theme has remained unchanged for over a year. I wanted it to highlight my content, the words I create, and now I add a few more images. I feel braver taking photographs on my phone and post them as entries.

She Shoots! She Scores!: Goals to Shoot For

Author Chadwick Ginther publishes goals on his blog regarding upcoming projects, plus other things in his busy writing life. He also writes candidly about fulfilling those goals as life, the pesky thing, gets in the way sometimes. I already know about goal setting, heck even lectured on it, but setting them…sounds like a great idea. (She says with hesitation.)

Alright, let’s set some goals. Simple, yet attainable, goals. Writing more sentences will not the points down any faster:

  1. Visit more blogs and comment on them.
  2. Music Monday posts written and scheduled for the month of August.
  3. More pictures! In fact show off Winnipeg over my holidays in August. The city isn’t perfect, but it does have lots to offer.
  4. Unrelated to my blog: Revise my NaNo project. Tear it asunder then put it back together.
  5. Write fearlessly. Zero in on Authenticity.
  6. Post three times a week in total.
  7. Set an editorial calendar for the next 90 days
  8. Revisit these goals on September 1st

That should do it for now.

Freshen Up The Header

The inital tagline for Stacks and Ranges was ‘Browsing the Library of My Mind’. At the time I wanted to be a library blog. I still write about libraries, but expanded to more topics. A library, or simply a room full of books on a range of subjects, guides my visual identity. I like this picture:


I did fall in love with this picture while deciding if I wanted to change up the header:


Look at that glorious nightmare of a possible to-read pile! I see order in that chaos in spite of the signs on the doorway, the perfect metaphor for this blog from time to time. Why decide between the two if a theme comes with randomized headers? Huzzah!

Will You Be My (Blogging) Friend?

Another tip suggests teaming up with a buddy as a way to audit a blog. I tried a survey to gauge any improvement, but may be another person taking a look will help. If I can’t find a blogging buddy, how about leaving a comment below. I have looked over this site so many times, my eyes ball threaten to fall out and roll under the table.

I feel refreshed after my hiatus, and Tweeting doesn’t do it for me all the time. It’s good for short bursts from my head, but not unpacking thought, or making observations. I love reading. I especially love the exploration of ideas. I want to do both and now it’s at the point of no return.

5 thoughts on “I’m a What? Plus Other Adventures on the Blogging 201 Second-Go-Round

  1. Oh, I love this! Your header is terrific, your authenticity shines through, and your writing is crystal clear. New follower here. I’m thinking I’ll change my header today, although not much. Also making other tweaks with our 201 course. Any suggestions you can make on mine would be most appreciated (feel free to be brutal). New follow here!


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