Scattered Drafts and Upcoming Appointments

I have a mental list of things to do over my holidays. I checked the ‘Drafts’ portion of my blog, and saw some entries to change/add/eventually publish. Stacks and Ranges will hit 400 posts very soon. I never imagined the last hundred, but I did read my early posts, and saw a some growth. Hope does exits for this blog and her writer. In addition to the blog posts, I will sit my bum down to write. In the words of Cheryl Strayed writing as Sugar in Dear Sugar I will ‘write like a motherf***ker’.

Much of the holidays will involve some self-care. I have a massage booked with Y to continue caring for my back. I go every two months to get the kinks out, and keep things flowing in the lower back. Two years passed since my injury, and sometimes the nerve vibrates without causing pain. It’s like plucking a string, and it reminds me of the pain traveling down the left, the piriformis spasms adding to the pain.

The other self-care appointment involves my hair. Every 8 weeks I get a cut, but this time the demicolour will not only condition my hair, but erase the white lines for a little while. If I had evenly distributed grey, without sticking out like wires on a circuit board, I would not mind. In reality my hair has wiry white hairs, and humidity makes me look like Roseanne Roseannadanna:

Now Imagine This With White Streaks

So here’s to vacations, time off, and mentally taking a break. Here’s to showing kindness and understanding to those in the service industry; They may have not received a fraction of vacation time people take for granted. Here’s to creating, live tweeting Hannibal, and drama-free, fan-girling in middle age. Finally, here’s to life at present, one meant to be lived, so we can feed a creative life no matter what we do for a living.

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