Music Monday: Vacation by The Go-Gos

It arrived.

For the next two weeks I will sleep in, pamper myself, and take my mom to a morning appointment without worrying about arranging my work schedule. My mind already left on the Tuesday after the Civic Holiday/Terry Fox long weekend. I wish to call it planning, but picking the dates meant waiting four days instead of five.

I enjoy my job, make a good living at it, and flex my intellect along with helping a variety of people. Even the best workers in any field feel the need to step away for a little routine change. I have the privilege to step away, while mindful some people work without two days off in a row. My last job before going back to school has Sundays off, the odd Saturday, yet not two days off all the time. The job before that one did. I had the Sunday/Monday weekend, others had Friday/Saturday, others had some unique ones during the week. In the end full-time workers had two days off, in a row, all the time.

In honour of vacations both in the mind, and in real-time, the next few Music Mondays have a fun theme. August heralds the last few weeks of summer vacation. Let’s hum a fun tune, and enjoy the remaining time.

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