The New Saga: From Computer Language To The Language of Medicine


After my Web Development course, I debated either taking Photoshop or the HTML/XHTML course. I also debated taking nothing, or taking another acting class. What’s a life-long learner to do? How about take another course I always wanted to take? Something like Medical Terminology? Yes, I wanted to take this course. At the beginning of my career, I worked at a Medical Library, and took an earlier edition of Davi-Ellen Chabner’s Language of Medicine out of the library for self-study. Now the new edition comes as part of my course pack, with more resources available online and not by CD-Rom.

In this saga our heroine embarks on a journey requiring determination and self-discipline. Translation: I take this course by distance ed. I received my course package, with the text, last week. Technically, the course began on Tuesday. I put the modules in a binder, set up the eLearning resources as instructed, and downloaded the mobile version on my phone.  I even dusted off my box of blank index cards. I experienced the usual response to a new class, this time minding each emotion/thought:

  • Fear: Holy cow how will I cram these terms into my head!?
  • Excitement: This is great! Look at the gross pictures! How can I be grossed out by these pictures if I just watched season 3 of Hannibal!?
  • More excitement: New things to learn!
  • Anxiety: Can I buckle down in a distance ed course?
  • Encouragement: Of course I can do this.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to expand the library in my mind palace.

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