Music Monday: Harperman by Tony Turner

I can go on about our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, and how he seems a little like President Snow from The Hunger Games. I can even make a case we are really part of the Borg collective:

I can go on about the muzzling of scientists, our refugee record, and the way the world seems baffled at how much we changed. We innovated, we kept the peace as best we could around the world, and even elected to not go to war with Iraq. Prime Minister Harper lionizes the military, ready to send our men and women into missions, and yet cuts back on valuable services for those same vets coming back with either broken bodies or minds.

Perhaps the most telling example involved the apology to First Nations for the Residential Schools policy. It’s one thing to say I am sorry, then years later do this:

The reaction by Tom Mulcair, currently strong in the polls, says it all:

Image credit: Buzzfeed Canada

I can go on. Sometimes a song makes a point–and leaves an earworm:

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