Glitches and Clutter

When I log into WordPress, my routine includes checking stats, checking my home page, then checking my drafts. I got this message clicking on ‘view site’:

screen shot
What the heck Chrome?

I put something in the forum, and changed my password. I figured it had a good 5 year run anyway, and lead to another change.

This post will mark the 390th post on the blog, but my drafts folder had nearly 90 half-written posts. It’s like stacks of half-written loose leaf strewn across a desk, or a dining room table in my case. I looked at my most recent effort, a Midweek Geekiness about the Emmy’s and genre television, and decided to take out the metaphorical trash. Translation: Move things to trash, then delete without looking back. Remember the authenticity goal? Some of my posts sounded like someone else not me; Therefore adios amigos may your kernels come back reincarnated as new ideas. I had one ‘draft’ with nothing on it. I used it to write a new post saying almost exactly what I said here. I went to preview and…

I had an error.

My post did not reload or update as draft, and it vanished! not even Chrome could bring it back and it brings back EVERYTHING! I bit my lower lip, but internally:


Did I regret deleting all the drafts? Nope. I felt weighed down, and these posts lacked a connection to me at the keyboard. Better to scrap and start again. What a better time to do both but the fall. The leaves started to turn, the students go full swing on their term, and the breeze feels cool like a kiss. (In the winter the breeze will develop teeth!)

Now if only clearing clutter from a home just happens at the press of a button.

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