Music Monday: Bear McCreary the Sequel

Outlander currently films in Prague for season 2, while The Walking Dead makes it première in almost two weeks. It means Bear McCreary, composer for both shows, will have his hands full composing melodies underlying the latest memorable moments. The music site rdio sent me an early Christmas present with the release Outlander’s second half soundtrack:

Image: Amazon

We have say ‘never judge something by its cover’, it’s safe to say the second half soundtrack reflects the established second half of the season, with Jamie and Claire together. (I feel proud to write that sentence without making any double entendres.)

Before the soundtrack’s release, McCreary uploaded *a video about his attempts to put backpipes in some of his scores:

While writing this post, the sun shines, the leaves turn into fall colours, and the extended version of the Skye Boat song plays from my balcony. The show does not return until *gulp* 2016, but it doesn’t stop me from singing sing me a song of a lass that is gone…

(Raya Yarbrough, the vocalists on this and many other tracks, not only contributes on his projects, she’s McCreary’s real-life wife.)

Let’s leave 18th Century Scotland for a moment for the real reason to spotlight Bear McCreary’s music-The Walking Dead. It’s 14 days until walker time and it’s strings, not bagpipes, dominating the musical landscape. (A bleak landscape nonetheless.)

People may whistle, or hum, the show’s tense opening theme, yet one track makes me reach for the tissues. ‘Rick’s Despair’ has showed up in some form over the course of the show’s run. I first heard it in season one as Rick stumbles into his home to find his wife and son gone. McCreary has used this track in some variation, and most memorably in season 3. It’s one thing to watch Andrew Lincoln completely let go in showing Rick’s shock and sadness at Lori’s death; Add the music to the scene and watch the most hardened watcher reach for a sleeve or kleenex:

What does it take to give someone ‘the feels’? (Otherwise known as having emotions, feeling heartbreak, facing a wave of unbearable sadness, and other specific words/phrases.) Have a look below:


*Tongue in Cheek of course.

2 thoughts on “Music Monday: Bear McCreary the Sequel

    1. I would say the Waulking Songs. You know, the one with all the yarn dyed by pee. I do like the extended version of Skye Boat Song.


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