Up For Air IV: Cut Your Losses and Keep Writing

After the success of last year’s National Novel Writing Month, this time I had a disaster. The idea did not sustain me over the month and trying to balance it with the Medical Terminology course did not work. I didn’t crack 10,000 words.

I feel strangely alright with how things went. Either I remain in denial or grown a little. I can go through the should, could, and would of the entire thing yet things unfolded as they did. End of story.

It’s the December 2nd, and honestly I want to finish the Medical Terminology course and put it behind me. The final test will happen on December 16th with my last assignment almost done. I liked the course, but I didn’t like the timing. As for what’s next on the docket I do have something happening in February. The event dominates my thoughts as I ride the bus home in this two river town.

Right now I want to finish my course. As for National Novel Writing Month, I decided to make every month NaNoWriMo.



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