Seeing The End In Sight

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I Luv ya! Tomorrow! My test is only a day away. Cue the swirling skirts a la The Sound of Music:


I clash musical theatre metaphors to say my test happens tomorrow. I will put Medical Terminology to bed, only to resurrect it for my zombie story if needed, or my Grey’s Anatomy fanfic idea. (Seriously, where are the medical librarians in Seattle Grey Sloan Whatever?)

The library has also seen a gradual emptying of students as exams start to wind down this week. I see smiling students everywhere as they put the period on their terms, with even wider grins on those individuals with graduation within their grasp.

In other news, I will begin fulfilling one of my earlier goals. I will entertain a couple of people for an evening of eating, drinking, and talking. I like living on my own, but I enjoy company too. Most of the time I worry about the size of my dust bunnies or the state of Castle Chaos in general. It’s time to lose the fears starting with having people over to my place. E and V still remember the first time they came to my place, during the time I lived with my parents. My mom apologized for the state of her home while the two of them looked around wondering really? Yes, I see the bar way up there with only a Sherpa to reach the summit.

After taking a good-for-me course or what people call ‘practical’, it’s time to set it aside to do things so impractical, outlandish or just plain befuddling for others. Call it the magic of hitting mid-forties. If a person survives the many endings making up experience, the end in sight means a beginning.



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