Music Monday: Like a Bird Set Free by Sia

Exams began last Friday at the college after students finished printing their final assignments. They ranged from surveys from students taking entrepreneurship to thick reports about companies numbering thirty pages or more. The latter required the heavy-duty stapler while the overall output depleted our paper stocks and I put in an order for more.

I saw students put their heads down to rest and drink more coffee to perk up. On Twitter, a friend began her countdown as she finished her Masters of Library and Information Sciences. She will pack up to return home, then leave to start a new job in another province.

On my end, I went through my textbook and modules exercises to prepare for my last Medical Terminology test. The tests alone make up 70% of my mark. I had not watched The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies extended edition to make room for reading and the last two assignments. Let that sink in for a moment: All that Richard Armitage behind the scenes and I have not watched it yet.

I originally wanted to use ‘One Day More’ from Les Mis as today’s Music Monday, but it didn’t fit. I listened to Sia’s music single while reading and labelling in my textbook then thought Yes, this makes the perfect anthem. Her music not only uplifts, it also sparks action.

In my past life as a teacher, I remember an article about students surviving the poor teachers or horrible school due to their self-efficacy. Self- esteem refers to a person’s sense of overall worth. Self-efficacy, according to Albert Bandura, means to believe they will succeed in a situation by executing their actions and learning from setbacks.

For students young and old this one is for you.

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