Music Monday: December by Sara Bareilles

Sometimes I wish for a fast-forward button on December or a skip button like on a DVD player. It’s a month fraught with drama and stress over one, perhaps two, major days. It’s the month I want to put to bed, to put the year to bed, and greet a brand new one.

In her commentary track on Spotify, Sara Bareilles talked about writing the song to acknowledge not only the joy the month brings but December’s problem child nature. At this point in my life I can’t talk about one, the birth of Christ, without the other namely the crazy-ass stress people feel to buy the perfect gift, plan the perfect family dinner or wish for the perfect family period.

This week also brings the last term assignments and exams beginning on December 11th at the college. For students, it’s step one to putting this problem-child month to bed. Somewhere in December a little joy can power something worth celebrating. Find it and hang on.

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