Music Monday: Homenaje Al Beny Castellano (Que Bueno Baila Usted) by Gente de Zona

I already shared tracks from the Chef soundtrack but finally appreciated the hip-shaking artistry of Genta de Zona. (Translated as ‘People from the neighbourhood’ from Spanish. My Portuguese got as far as ‘genta’, a word shared by both romance languages.) This Cuban group collaborated with Enrique Iglesias and Marc Anthony for hits in the Americas.

Meanwhile in a galley kitchen, located in the frigid confines of Winnipeg, a Portuguese-Canadian woman shakes her hips between doing dishes. It’s not a salsa club, but it will have to do. I wanted to include this in my playlist from last Monday. This group and their songs needed an entry all their own. Youtube has a good playlist of their songs on their Vevo or Spotify also does the trick. Take a track and blast it loud as suddenly the boring task does not seem so boring after all.

Don’t forget to shake your hips.

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