New York 2016: The Awkward First Post

They say New York never sleeps. That’s not exactly true. The traffic can remind people of their restless spouse, eyes closed yet tossing and turning. I went to bed early after a long day, coming after an even longer day getting diverted to Albany. Yes, I landed in the state capital due to bad weather at the airport. That story will be told another day. For now It’s nearly 6:30 am, I showered, finally bought toothpaste to brush my teeth yesterday, and my stomach pesters me with hunger.

The city slept, but I turned in early to catch up on some sleep. I had enough energy to pick up my theatre ticket and the toiletries needed on Monday if everything went according to plan. (What’s the old saying? Man plans while God laughs? I will pick up this thread after this one.) We need to rest, said my body and I had to agree. The phone glowed its 8 pm time as I put it down for the night.  A note about my upcoming posts: if things look strange it’s due to using my tablet and portable keyboard. My ability to spell check or check grammar will rely to my own frail human nature.  (Remember they supplement not take over.)  Also the layout looks strange compared to my laptop.

Now about the planning/God laughing bit.

The phrase sounds cruel, but before thinking God sounds like Regina George from Mean Girls step back a second. People asked me about my scheduling for my days here in New York. It’s not uncommon to schedule the hell out of a trip, like we do in life. I plead guilty as well. The past two days hammered home a couple of things. Despite the deliberate flexible schedule, I did feel disappointed in what happened without suppressing it or trying to not seem reasonable. Also the past two days pointed out I am doing this on my own. It does feel empowering, but first I had to feel lonely. I texted my brother back home, tears in my eyes at the Albany airport, missing my family. In fact I missed familarity. Holy Cow I really am Bilbo! The narrative, both movie and book, fit this whole trip. I live in Hobbiton, with snow, a life carved my familarity and comfort. Few people took on adventure and even fewer women. I didn’t have a wizard yet something knocked on my heart to come here. I wanted to come to this city and hear car horns honking, pedestrians moving with purpose with me wanting to join the routine. I wanted to wake up in my life. I actually had some dialogue with God deciding to send the weather, me replying, then I realized it’s a storm. We diverted, I dealt with it.

I also realized my head feels light. Time for food to hopefully sound more coherent.

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