New York 2016: Thoughts From a Sleepy Head

If people say about their feet “My dogs are barking”, I have to wonder what to call my shins and my ankles and my whole body. Everything barks and it’s saying “you will need to book time with Yameen when you get back home.” I have scribbles in my journal about my day, including  seeing A View From The Bridge. That’s the hard about vacation in these days of technology, I want to document the experience at the moment yet remain present.

Speaking of the play did Ivo Van Hove and Yael Farber get together one day to have the following conversation?

-Putting together an Arthur Miller play.

-Me too. What will you put on?

-A View from the Bridge. I envision a stipped down version of the play in the round

-Me too. Putting on The Crucible and may have found a leading man. Hasn’t been on stage in just over a decade, deep voice, smouldering look. Humble. I have to head down the Leeds and convince him.

-Same here. Done some stage but not for a while. Mostly film. Same thing with the smoulder. Does yours have hair?


-Mine is a Mediterranean Patrick Stewart

-Is he tall?


-So is this one. You know Miller does great explorations of masculinity as a construct then detonates it as circumstances stips the defence away. I thought a scene with him washing after working hard in the fields, without a shirt. Yours in good shape?

-Why yes.

-Perfect! You should fit a scene in. That way we can detonate the feminine construct.

-What do you mean?

-People forget we have a gaze and we like to look at attractive men too.

(Glasses clink in agreement.)

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