New York 2016: A Different Kind of Cold

I knew coming to New York in February meant coming in the cold. However, this cold feels different. Let’s start with my face doesn’t hurt. In Winnipeg, the cold will feel like a thousand teeth biting into your cheeks without a hood to beark the wind, or a scarf. New York has the kind of cold described as an in-your-bones-kind of cold. True. After I came back from Top of the Rock, I shivered in my bed, even in my socks. The cold reverberated throughout my body, leading me to  believe I can get pneumonia (not again) or an ass-knocking cold. My skin doesn’t feel like paper. I look on the bright side and after a bad bout this winter, I finally got some relief.

The cold does not apply to the people. While New Yorkers do not suffer fools, they will give you directions as best they can and just want you to have a good time in the city. I did have one experience just this morning at the corner of 39th and Lexington. I got up early, 5 am, finished everything at 6 am. Usually I head to Bloom’s. The place doesn’t open until 6:30 and my watch read 6:16. The city people say never sleeps actually starts to wake up right about then and I stood thinking about my next move. Keep in mind the sidewalk has nobody else but me, and the guy I just saw approaching the corner. He zoomed around me, bag in hand.

“Idiot” he said, not even bother to put it under his breath.

He kept walking down the street.

“Have a nice day to you too,” I replied at the receeding figure.

Yeah, he’s an idiot. However I had the most curious reaction. I smiled. Woo-hoo, I thought, I got unsulted by a New Yorker. Please keep in mind it doesn’t mean I want insults all the time. I had my share back home in Winnipeg. Someone must either had a bad start to the day or a bad start to life in general. I just happened to be there.

Good news to this cold day. The sun has come out. The cold goes down better if the sun comes out. Now to head out and decide what next.

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