The Snow Encore Plus What’s Next

Environment Canada calls today a ‘light snow shower.’ The snow falls off and on throughout the day, with the temperatures between -5 and -10 depending on, you guessed it, wind chill. (For Americans that’s 14-23 degrees Fahrenheit.)

Tonight after handing in my final exercise in Reading Fiction POV with Gotham Writer’s Workshop, I will switch gears to work on my 2014 NaNoWriMo draft. Forget housework, the significant threat to focus comes in the form of Frank and Claire Underwood:


House of Cards premieres its new season tonight and like Gollum with the one ring; I want it all precious. Last season found Frank and Claire at odds with each other, with Claire walking out on the marriage. Let’s face it the couple that lies/cheats/manipulates/kiss their bodyguard together usually stays together. Sometimes I forget Robin Wright played Princess Buttercup in The Princess Bride until I find the movie on some channel.  Suddenly ‘as you wish’ gets a reply along the lines of ‘you better or else I will destroy your life, or Francis will kill you.’

Returning to the NaNo draft, my Writer’s Circle facilitator gave us a handy sheet on the three-act structure of a novel. It’s a sheet I filled in for my draft highlighting the need for extensive rewriting. (Remember the prize for ‘winning’ NaNo is a manuscript to revise.) The sheet also serves as a handy outlining tool. I took a look at the sheet and started envisioning the plot of the next project.

It seems this winter lit a fire under me, and I want to build the momentum slowly. I can feel the warmer air and hope to smell spring. Spring air has a fresher tang than the turn from fall to winter. I want to sense it and start making things bloom.

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