Music Monday: The Subway Song by The Sesame Street Muppets

When I rode the 6, I had ‘Jenny From the Block’ in my head. The earworm dominating   New York subway rides reached back into my memory.  Never seen this Sesame Street song? It’s either you’re too young or didn’t see it in your country. Anytime the subway song came on; the groovy tune fascinated me along with the concept of this way New Yorkers get around UNDERGROUND.


I made sure the last thought stayed in the outer reaches of my mind as I passed through tunnels and spotted my first subway rat. It looked like this:

Yo! Just passing through.

New Yorkers don’t use tokens anymore; they use the Metrocard to load monthly/7 day/daily amounts to swipe at turnstiles. The cards also swipe on buses used to supplement some routes.  Winnipeggers have a hard enough time getting that technology for transit. Something about the bugs in the system. (How big are they? Do they look mosquito or cockroach-sized?)

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