Itchy Travel Feet

I found myself on Google Flight checking out prices. I looked at returning to New York, top of my list. I also checked for ballpark figures on flights to Sao Miguel, Portugal to visit the geography my parents recall in their stories. I also checked Toronto, Saskatoon, Regina, and Edmonton. Montreal also looks like another choice.

I have a case of wanderlust.

My family wonders about the car I will buy. I already owned a car, took care of it, and eventually it gave out. It did take me to places I needed and for short road trips to places like Gimli and Hecla. I want to head out more while I still can in my life. I want to fill my head with stories and write them down. Sometimes I close my eyes on the bus and picture the tall buildings in New York, the masses of people getting to somewhere or anywhere.

I do reply ‘dudes let’s look at the bank account first’ at those impulses.  I have a bi-fold, sliding pantry door that keeps going off its hinges. It needs a do-dad, the scientific name I give to some small parts. I also want to get new blinds and curtains. I also want to go off to parts unknown.

People remark about the luxury I have of picking up and taking off. I don’t have a partner or children, therefore; it must be so easy to plan a trip. Let’s start with I work hard to maintain a home base. Every paycheque it’s about having food and shelter covered, and a mortgage means not everything can ‘drop’ so quickly. Plus, it’s only me. I don’t have a 6’2 bloke who’s handy with a screwdriver. (I do have one in mind, but he doesn’t know I exist.)

I will keep looking at Google Flight, piecing together possible destinations for that next adventure.




6 thoughts on “Itchy Travel Feet

  1. No one forced them to have those children, did they? It’s such an insensitive question. So many childless people would have liked to have had kids (not me, but so many of my friends). Everyone’s life has challenges and pleasures.


    1. Did you watch House of Cards yet? The new season had Claire give an excellent answer to ‘So did you regret not having children?’


      1. Would be first lady: Did you and Frank regret not having children?

        (Kids running around like wild animals.)

        Claire: No. Did you regret having yours?

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  2. wow, great answer. I try not to engage in the cross-cultural polemic on this issue, but every now and then one just itches to do so.

    When I am annoyed by a child’s misbehavior in public I try to remind myself that I get to go home while the parents have that kid forever.


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