Homesick for New York?!


Image: Fatima DeMelo

Intellectually it’s a crazy thought.

To live in New York requires a great job or a partner with a well-paying job. It also applies to living in parts of New York City like Brooklyn and now Queens. The garbage smell had hit my nose before my eyes saw the piles on the street in front of businesses and apartment buildings. It’s packed full of people,  I saw patches of sky in midtown, and the list can go on.

Dear, Lord, I miss it. A short time and I can’t get the city out of my mind.

I took a picture of the Winnipeg skyline to say ‘Welcome Back’:

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Hey Winnipeg. Good to see you.

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I can list plenty of great things about Winnipeg. Right now I feel homesick for an another place, one I stayed in for a week. It’s not just the museums or Broadway shows. I feel boxed in sometimes in Winnipeg. Too many connections, too many people slapping labels from a snapshot of your life a long time ago, and a dating pool so shallow I may have a concussion.

I keep waiting for it to pass. It’s a phase, I thought, it will pass. Maybe it’s a sign of something deep down. What do I need to remake in my present to make way for the next phase of my life? I realized New Yorkers barrel ahead, keeping complaining to a minimum, and warily approach an idea. Winnipeg seems stuck or dragging its feet, loves to complain, and dismiss any idea before considering any side. As a resident, I hope to do less of number 2. If I can’t go back to New York, a little bit of New York can remain in me.

5 thoughts on “Homesick for New York?!

  1. This was interesting. Two of my daughters lived in Brooklyn. I must say that NYC is an interesting place, but since I’m from the rural Midwest, the place felt a bit claustrophobic. It was good to get back out among the woods and fields where I live. Thanks for a nice post from a different perspective. Take care.

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  2. Wow, my experience of New Yorkers is that, although they have many great qualities (I agree about the energy and creativity), they are also one non-stop stream of unpleasant and pointless critique. Talk, talk, talk (and you’re getting this from someone who is often characterized as being too critical). But I get wanting to go back. Or maybe there’s another Canadian city that would be a little more New-York-like?


    1. Toronto may come the closest to New York including an alright transit system. I keep my fingers crossed to attend the TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) and use the once-in-a-lifetime vacation clause at work. Translation: Pilgrimage or Urban will play and I bring my Richard Armitage picture to support my reasons for vacation time in September.


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