Music Monday: Cry Love By John Hiatt

Some Music Mondays I put in the video, some lyrics, and leave things as is. Other times the song reminds me of something or launches a reflection. Today’s selection has a bit of both.

A moment of steel
A dry-eyed house
Did he say goodbye to you
Or did you kick him out
I know you’re not afraid
To go alone
But this was a marriage of spirit, flesh, and bone
Now whatcha gonna do
When the planet shifts
Whatcha gonna do
Gonna slit your wrists
Bleed all over the milky way
The stars in your eyes look red today

While John Hiatt scored a top ten song with ‘Have a Little Faith in Me’ thanks to numerous appearances on films and television, ‘Cry Love’ came years later in 1995 from the album Walk On. It also appeared in my life at 25, a time most people began to match and hatch.

I didn’t have the marriage of spirit, flesh, and bone but I did have a relationship with an alcoholic. It involved pushing and pulling, the pressure to have sex while I wanted to feel some measure of worth. Try graduating from high school with your self-esteem in tatters, not aware of the damage, plus everyone getting married or pairing off. The still, small voice remaining from my high school years kept me afloat saying one thing, cutting through the din within my mind, not this guy.  

I played this song on tape for every breakup, unrequited love, and moment of loneliness. The period from 25 until almost 37 involved putting pieces back together, to get strong in the broken places to mangle an Ernest Hemingway quote. Meanwhile, once people hit 30, those marriages began to crack and crumble, others combusted a decade later.

Now what you gonna do with the booze and the blush?
What you gonna do when there’s no rush?
You cop a little misery at the corner store
Well one day that train of pain won’t stop no more

I decided to join for the second time. Name the approach and I have done it:

  • Setups by friends
  • Adventures for Successful Singles: Local single’s club
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Lavalife
  • eHarmony

I didn’t do all these things all at once. Some I did in desperation (setups), others I gave it my best shot and heard nothing. I don’t play this song as much for the break-up or the unrequited love. I play it mostly for the melody and the lyrics, but if you find yourself on that train of pain play this song a few times, cry a few times, and live the rest of your life.


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