No Music Monday for Today

Sorry, folks, as the subject says no tunes for today. In my other life as a Library Technician, the students wrote their exams last week. The library will go from bustling hive to an almost monastic calm. Summer also means holidays and housekeeping projects. In my other life as a writer, I have things to do for Writer’s Circle and my latest Gotham Writer’s Workshop course. The former deals with mostly fiction, while the latter deals with creative non-fiction.

So far in the ‘Gotham’ course, I wrote a memoir piece and a personal essay. (Trust me they’re entirely different.) We don’t have to write a feature article, just a ‘nut graph’ (a paragraph summing up in a nutshell what the article will be about) and how we would go about it. I will soon do a profile piece, review, and a travel writing. It’s part of brushing up and getting better. Most of all it’s about trusting in my own writer’s voice.

The Writer’s Circle had the group take their pieces or ideas, then try another point of view. Once again the 2014 ‘winner’ had another poke and I keep circling wonder, hmm, maybe I should dump it for good? The draft replied, “Not yet dude.” My balcony, nicknamed Cafe Fatima, has cleaned up for the summer season. Looks like it’s time to tackle the draft outside and declutter my dining room table/writer’s studio.

While I call my time ‘the desert’ the trees started to bud in Winnipeg. People have shed layers and my feet no longer have socks on them. A very good time indeed.

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