Music Monday: Lost Boy by Ruth B

I heard this song one day while driving my rental car back to Enterprise. Too bad it didn’t play during that Peter Pan season on Once Upon a Time, I thought.  It turns out the artist, Ruth B, was inspired by Once Upon a Time. She played 15 seconds of the song on Vine, an app I don’t quite understand. It’s enough for a small snippet to turn into a full-fledged song.

The song itself has a dreamy quality, the yearning to escape, and knowing one day we all grow up. The melody doesn’t seem overstuffed like a lot of ballads. It does, however, carry an earworm, lodged in the mind, and occasionally sung while looking for wine at a local Liquor Commission. The clerk herself felt relieved she’s not the only one to like the song. Take a listen and find you hum it while doing groceries.



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