Postcards from a Stay-cation: The Two Week Week One

On my calendar, it looks like the end of week one of my three weeks off. In reality, it feels more like I packed two weeks into it. On Monday, the 2016 Writer’s Circle read from their works in progress. Later we gathered for the wind up at the home of our facilitator, the sun shining off the nearby pond with ducks swimming in its beam.

Other than writing, I managed to tame my hamster-wheel mind to focus on a book. Diana Gabaldon’s Voyager remained on my mental to-read list, and on my shelf, for a while. I nearly wanted to read The Scottish Prisoner, but in the end decided to keep going in the saga. You have to hand it to a writer beginning a novel like this:

He was dead. However, his nose throbbed painfully, which he thought odd in the circumstance.

My to-read list grew thanks to a delivery of new books from an online order. I decided to heap it further by buying two more books at McNally Robinson. All of them, except two, were fiction. This summer I want to binge more on books than on Netflix. Although I did watch Sense8 for the second time. Conclusion: The Wachowskis do better with long-form storytelling allowed on television.

It’s past 7 am as I write this post. After days of staying up late, sleeping in, and repeating the pattern, a thunderstorm at 3 am not only woke me up; it kept me semi-awake. In the end, I got up at 5 to make coffee, had breakfast, and read my novel from the comfy couch. I opened my windows to let some fresh air in, including my patio door. The sun began to peek out, but today promises more rain making it the perfect time to tame the chaos in my condo. Oh, and write.

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