Outlandish Games on Sunday Nights



Two shows from wildly successful books began to mesh on Sunday nights. Outlander and Game of Thrones dovetail this year as I picked up Movie Central to get HBO and Showcase has broadcast rights for Outlander in  Canada.  Make your choice, red or brunette, Laird of Lallybrock or Lord Commander,  plaid or black, Je Suis Prest or Winter is Coming.


In the image of one well-known Gif:


All kidding aside, actors have popped up on both shows making it seem like the shows have mashed up with big battles and epic intrigue. Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat (Clive Russell) looked familiar after seeing him a few seasons ago as Brynden ‘Blackfish’ Tully. Father Bain (Tim McInnerny) showed up as Robert Glover to say thanks, but no thanks, to Sansa and Jon’s plea for help to get Winterfell back.

However, while Sam Heughan auditioned Seven times for Game of Thrones, one actor takes the title for putting his foot in both camps:

Edmure Tully-COLLAGE
Left: Frank Randall; Upper Right: Jonathon Wolverton “Black Jack” Randall; Bottom Left: Edmure Tully

What can we say about Tobias Menzies other than the dude is talented? Two Sundays ago, he had the best monologue about goodness in Game of Thrones, spoke to none other than Jamie Lannister. If any viewer wants the best example of surreal Sundays in Canada, watching a Menzie’s character get bested by yet another Jaime, this one without the incestuous relationship, proves a joy to watch.

As mentioned, Canada gets the doubleheader thanks to Showcase showing Outlander on Sundays. Next year, Outlander will move to Sundays as part of a gradual migration of Starz’s powerhouse Saturday drama lineup. Hopefully, it means collective Tweeting from Outlander fans across North American, although I have grown rather fond of #OutlanderCan. I will not miss avoiding my timeline for spoilers. (Not religiously, but as much as humanly possible.)

Game of Thrones finishes its season tonight, while Outlander finishes in two weeks time on July 9th. I had a to make a tough call about live tweeting, choosing to live tweet Outlander to give myself one show to focus on. Don’t’ worry, only four months until walkers begin to shamble in on my tweeter feed.


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