Post-Holiday Mode

Time to dust off my one of my favourite GIFs:


Me Before Morning Coffee

My late-to-bed-late-to-rise routine on holiday has produced a late-to-bed-hard-to-rise-early one. At least I bound out of bed with enthusiasm, a good sign of a good holiday. The telephone and cable had indeed turned off. I plan to take the cable box down to an MTS Connect within the next couple of days.  The laptop stares at me, quietly saying it’s you and me and your imagination. The ultimate menage a trois.

Naughty laptop.

In weather news, Winnipeg had rain over the past few of days. On Tuesday, I thought it would clear only to rain before I got to the salon then produce more dark clouds just as I left:


Lovely hair, Fatima, mind if I mess it up?

I took a circuitous bus as a way to ride out most of the downpour or look less like a drown rat and more like a wet one. Taking the long way around by transit is the main reason why I always carry a book. In the case of scattered showers, Voyager went into a ziplock bag for its protection. Last year, as readers know, a brand-new book got soaked during one drenched day. History can’t repeat itself as (spoiler alert!) Claire and Jamie found each other again.  In the end, it still rained, and it took longer to get home. Not making that mistake again.

The first week back always feels rough. It’s back to setting the alarm, getting the usual bus, and getting into work mode. This time, I feel more refreshed and ready to go. Now to build on that other change in my life post-holiday, a life without cable TV.




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