Cutting the Cord

Sometimes you need to go ahead and do it. Last week, I already planned to cut my landline until I spied an increase in my cable from MTS. My channel group, namely one with the AMC network (Walking Dead, Halt and Catch Fire among others), went from $3.50 to $4.00.  Movie Central adds an extra $18.00 for Game of Thrones, and the basic group of local stations and network television (NBC, CBS, etc.) barely pays for itself at $44.50. Other than Hannibal, I would either watch or record Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.

After taking stock of my previous bills, levels of writing productivity, and general wellness, I made the decision to cut the cable cord. To say I am not the only one is an understatement.  190,000 Canadians cut the cord last year compared to 105,000 the previous year. I did try living without cable for the first six months of living in my condo. I made Saturday trips to Movie Village, took items out of the library, and put my name down for upcoming titles. I did alright and wondered why did I decide to take on cable.

Now I have more options, and it will mean the end of live tweeting Walking Dead and Outlander. (Dang! I had plans to be the live-tweeting Queen of those two kingdoms.) I go tired of cutting and trimming only not to see the savings. As for VOD (Video on Demand), I will not miss it. Even with an additional $6.99 charge for a rental, my bill would still go over $200.  I make a comfortable living, but it doesn’t mean spending willy-nilly. (The exception to this rule are books. In bookstores I spend like a modestly-paid rockstar.)

Cutting the cord has revealed one habit needing a change. I sat down, supper in hand, and switched on Shomi. They have season 9 of Doctor Who, and it meant watching ‘The Husbands of River Song.’ (I missed that episode.) That day I felt tired from working the first day back from vacation. What happens after my work routine returns?

Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Cutting the Cord

  1. Have never had it at home, but living with dad gives me access. I’m stunned at how little we use for how much we pay, frankly. I’d like to pay about $40 for the channels we use (local, CNN, and a couple of specialty channels) but instead we pay $70 and get a ton of stuff that we never look at. Their sales model is just strange. Not complaining because I can get EPIX this way but if I were paying … and then I wouldn’t get sucked into watching HGTV.


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