Winding Down Vacation 2016

Vacation 2016 now enters its last few hours. I know it sounds dramatic, but three weeks off does that to a person. Three weeks of catching up and detoxing the year before getting ready for the next one. The library operates under its summer hours (8-4, Monday to Friday, Closed weekends) with few, if any students, coming in to study or use the computers.

This past Thursday, I woke up thinking it’s Friday. A positive sign of not thinking about routine. If not sleeping in or catching up around the house, a best as I can or feel like it, I took my mom out for some errands and spent some time together. In other words, we hung out.

I will miss having coffee and reading Tumblr, an act akin to reading the morning paper. Today’s news made me spit out my coffee in laughter. It also comes with a spoiler alert regarding Chuck Wendig’s new Star Wars novel Life Debt. The spoiler alert is for that fandom; this one is for another.

Are you ready?

I don’t mean to beat around the bush, but I like Chuck Wendig. His blog has inspired and instructed me in my writing. Aftermath kept me glued to my reading seat and did not deserve some of the crap it got from some review sites. (Thumbnail Synopsis: Three characters are gay. No big deal as it’s no big deal to be LGBT. People unfornatley left one-star reviews for things other than if the novel hangs together in its plot and characterization.)

The latest meltdown online comes from a Force Awaken’s character’s backstory. A Britsh reader let the cat out of the bag so to speak on Tumblr. It’s a tiny piece that will case one fandom to howl with laughter while another just howls.

Ready? (I know it drives my friends nuts, but I am famous for telling stories without preamble.)

General Hux’s real name is Armitage! General Armitage Hux.

Let’s do a visual.

This character’s first name:


Image: Disney Wikia


Is the surname for an actor previously known as this character:


or this one:



I would have no idea if  Mr Wendig thought hey, let’s name this character after an actor who has an uncredited role in the prequels. The Aftermath Trilogy has so much going on besides speculating over the origins of a character’s name. Some people who heard of Richard Armitage think it’s cool. Others who haven’t wondered What kind of name is Armitage? How do you pronounce it?

Here’s a start: don’t French it. Seriously, no long ‘a’ in Armitage. Here’s a visual:

(Thanks, Yatanis, for this Youtube.)

Time to resume my breakfast and savour the last of my holidays.


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