What’s The Cure for Premature Posting?

Sorry, folks, for the two posts in one day. One of the advantages of WordPress is the ability to post across devices. Right now, I madly type with my thumbs, on my phone, at my local Starbucks. 

Unfortunately it takes one device to muck up the works. After finishing the Charlie Dore post,  I suddenly changed my mind and pulled it for further reflection. 

While I reverted it to draft, the sucker has escaped and you know what they say about metaphorical horses after they leave the metaphorical barn. 

2 thoughts on “What’s The Cure for Premature Posting?

    1. Thank you. I put it back up. I don’t delete unlike some blokes.*side eyes Richard Armitage and says ‘Darling, don’t tweet is you can’t complete.’

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